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At O’Malley Construction LLC, we provide construction and remodeling services for clients in Puyallup and surrounding areas across all of WA. We are far better than just OK. We are faith and family-owned and operated. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We do it all, like a jack of all trades. We’re your one-stop shop for construction remodeling, and our work is always up to code and will pass any inspection. We don’t bid hourly because hiccups happen, and if the project takes longer than anticipated, we don’t want the homeowner to feel like we are taking advantage of them and the hourly pay, so we bid per job instead. We offer full home from dirt to roof building services. If you would like us to price quote a job, please get in touch on (360) 506-4446 or (253) 880-8580 and we’ll get back to you at the earliest possible convenience.

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